Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

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PM Synchronous

When precise, preset speed control is critical despite constant voltage, temperature, and load fluctuations, WELCO Technologies Vari-Hertz™ PM synchronous motor offers an open-loop motor solution. This motor is also ideal for when two or more units of operating equipment must be synchronized.

Features and specifications

Our U.S. patented motor technology is designed with many features that give our customers a competitive advantage like: 

  • Higher efficiency and power factor
  • Higher energy density
  • Eliminates the need for an external power supply for mechanical braking
  • Precise, open-loop speed control
  • Stable operation 
  • High reliability and longer life 

Specifications for the Vari-Hertz™ PM synchronous motor include: 
  • Sizes: Sub-NEMA to NEMA 256 Frame Sizes
  • Power ranges: 0.01 hp to 15 hp
  • Output Speed: up to 33,000 rpm
  • Single or three-phase power
  • Available as housed or frameless

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