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Brushed DC Motors

Our in-house engineers design and manufacture a variety of Brushed DC electric motors customized for the aerospace, defense, medical and industrial industries.

These robust and flight-proven motors are built with sturdy brushes for long service life and thermal protection to withstand high temperatures and perform in the harshest conditions.

Applications and industries

Our Brushed DC motors help power commercial, business, private and military aircraft, and military vehicles. Other typical medical and industrial applications include: 

•    Hydraulic pumps
•    Fuel transfer pumps
•    Flap drives
•    Landing gear drives
•    Helicopter host drives
•    Turret drives
•    Compressor drives
•    Flight actuator drives 
•    Door actuation

Motor specifications

Our Brushed DC electric motors are manufactured in various ranges to meet a variety of customer applications. Specifications include:

•    Size ranges: 0.875" (22mm) square to 9.25" (235mm) diameter
•    Power ranges: 0.01 hp (7.5W) to 12 hp (9KW)
•    Voltage ranges: 6 VDC to 160 VDC
•    Series, shunt, compound wound, and permanent magnet fields

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