Liquid Level Sensors

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Liquid Level Sensors

Our liquid level sensors are custom-designed to your application requirements to monitor and regulate liquid levels within a contained space, ensuring superior equipment functionality. Electromech manufactures liquid level sensors for various industrial, medical, and aerospace applications.

Industrial applications include:

  • Transport, storage, and water treatment tanks
  • Petrochemical industries for sensing liquids such as petrol, diesel, and other fuels
  • Electronic devices such as water dispensers, water evaporators, steamers, monitoring systems of boilers, heating systems, and washing machines


  • Voltage: 18 to 32 Volts DC
  • Current: 0.125 Amps Max Exclusive Output load
  • Compatible fluids: Fuels and hydraulic oils
  • Proof pressure: 100psig
  • Press-to-Test function detects all failure modes of the sensor's circuitry

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