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Electromech Technologies centrifugal blowers offer innovative, customized air movement solutions for aerospace, military, and industrial applications. We offer a variety of reliable blowers that are optimized for weight and noise levels.

Our team custom designs and engineers flight-proven centrifugal blower designs for flight control applications like cabin ventilation, heat exchanger, and cooling systems.

Electromech blowers use AC, Brushed DC, and Brushless DC motors and can accommodate added performance features like EMI filtering and rotor burst-proof housings. 

Customers rely on our centrifugal fans to keep the air clean and stand up to various airflows, pressures, and materials like sawdust, dirt, wood chips, scraps of metal, and other foreign substances in the harshest environments.


  • AC and DC motor driven
  • Existing designs to 800 CFM (380 L/sec)
  • Pressures in excess of 30" water (7.5 kPa)

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