Rotary Actuators

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Rotary Actuators

The Electromech Technologies actuator engineering team designs, develops, and qualifies customized rotary actuation systems for flight and ground applications like:

  • Business
  • Commercial and military aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • UAVs
  • Defense vehicles
Our rotary actuator designs are flight-proven and used in various flight control applications like:


  • Fuel Control Valve Actuation
  • Bleed Valve Actuation
  • Fuel Shutoff Valve Actuation


  • Motor operated: AC, brushed DC, or brushless DC
  • High reduction ratios: up to 5,000:1
  • Rated torque: up to 1,200 in./lbs.
  • Output speed from 1/16 to 60 RPM

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