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Linear Actuators

Electromech Technologies, an industry leader in actuator design and engineering, custom manufactures various linear actuation systems for manned and unmanned flight applications in the aerospace and defense industries. We also provide actuators for various industrial applications.

With the ability to optimize motor designs for individual Linear Actuator applications, we can offer our customers lighter actuators that provide higher and more efficient performance.

Electromech Technologies has flight-proven linear actuator designs in the following flight control applications.


  • Rudder
  • Elevator 
  • Aileron 
  • Trim actuation
  • Flap actuation
  • Landing gear actuation
  • Flight surface disconnect actuation
  • Specialty actuation for ice vanes, filters, and FOD doors 
  • Locking actuation for cargo handling systems


  • Motor operated: AC, brushed DC, or brushless DC
  • Ball screw or Acme screw
  • Strokes up to 58” (145cm)
  • Rated loads up to 10,000 pounds
  • Speed up to 5 in/sec (12.5 cm/sec)
  • Single or dual ram
  • Position feedback option and redundant feedback indication
  • Position, velocity, acceleration, closed-loop control

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