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Electromech Technologies' gearheads are made with stainless steel and designed with permanent lubrication to ensure long, maintenance-free service life. 

We engineer and design our gearheads with tight tolerances (minimal variation) to deliver high-speed operation and minimize clearance backlash for the most demanding high-performance applications.

Design specifications and advantages

  • Stall torques to 240 oz-in
  • Sizes 5, 8, and 10 standards, available in production quantities
  • One- and two-stage models are available standard
  • Standard ratios from 4:1 to 49:1; unique ratios available upon request
  • Quality Class 10 gearing maximizes gearhead performance
  • High-temperature EP grease provides permanent lubrication
  • Planetary design allows for efficient transmission of high torques

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